Amazing staff and great location. Super clean and great room, only issue I can think of was the fact there was only one plug in the room.

Clasificación : 88


Clasificación : 88

Comfortable, tidy room in a great location close to Metro

Clasificación : 92

As there is no wardrobe some additional boards would be fine e g One over the head of the bed and two below the small table.

Clasificación : 80

Thank you so much! All the staff were so kind & I would definitely stay again and recommend it for a well priced hostel in a great location

Clasificación : 96

We missed about power plug close to bed (indispensable) and light just in the bunk bed top isn’t the best way. About fun, missed a space for that. Just table is not enough.

Clasificación : 68

Fernando and Elisa were a delight to deal with. Thank you for the friendly welcome and au revoir!

Clasificación : 100

The best hostel ever!!

Clasificación : 100


Clasificación : 100

Nothing comes to mind, nice place for the budget or average traveler. Quiet and clean. Staff was very helpful and friendly.

Clasificación : 76


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